21 März 2023

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ICC Supply Chain Forum 2023


The pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine have rapidly changed the environment for international trade. Globalization needs to be reoriented, and governments and business alike need to adapt to ever new crises. At the multilateral level, we need to adopt a new cooperative approach and find resilient and sustainable solutions for all – what can they look like?

From the very beginning, technology and innovation have shaped international trade and trading systems, enabling tremendous progress. The digitization of foreign trade is still in its initial phase, and the objective is now to discover, unleash and disseminate the hitherto untapped potential across the globe.

Where these potentials lie and how digitalization can contribute to a sustainable trade, the protection of human rights and the fight against fraud will be presented on the occasion of our second ICC Supply Chain Forum from March 21 to 23 in Berlin. Save the date if you want to meet with representatives of multilateral and international organizations, governments, academia and the international business community to discuss „International Trade going Digital“!

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As a global business organization, it is our mission as ICC and ICC Germany to address the daily challenges faced by businesses of all sizes around the world and to develop and promote solutions through our network with the goal „to make business work for everyone, every day, everywhere“.

(Re)watch all sessions of our ICC Supply Chain Forum 2021 „The Future of International Supply Chains – sustainable, digital, smart“ here on our youtube channel.

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ICC Supply Chain Forum 2023


21/03/23, 3-5 pm:
High Level Opening at Haus der Deutschen Wirtschaft
(organized jointly with Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry – DIHK)

22/03/23, 10-12 am:
“Digital trade for sustainability and climate action”

22/03/23, 2-4 pm:
“Digital trade for human rights”

23/03/23, 10-12am:
“Efficiency and fraud prevention in the digital era”

23/03/23, 2-4pm:
“Paperless trade and beyond”


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