International Tax Conference

"Towards a New World Tax Order?"

In cooperation with BIAC and BusinessEurope, we will discuss tax policy issues arising from the international discussion around the challenges of digitalization, namely the reallocation of taxing rights, significant economic presence and transfer pricing and minimum taxation. As the implementation of BEPS in national jurisdictions and the treaty network is progressing, dispute prevention and dispute resolution are becoming more crucial and will also be discussed.

The conference will provide an opportunity for an open and constructive dialogue with the aim to strengthen the integrity of the international tax system and to help shape tax policies that promote investment, job creation and economic growth. The conference will bring together renowned tax experts from international, regional and national organisations and institutions, as well as business representatives.


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Dr. Katrin Rupprecht

Leitung Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit

Fon: +49 (0) 30 - 200 7363 20


Anfang: 28.06.2019 · 09:00 Uhr Ende: 28.06.2018 · 17:30 Uhr

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Haus der Bayerischen Wirtschaft
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